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Branding, art-direction and website design for complex NFT project
Branding, art- direction and website design for complex NFT project
The Project

The Ailoverse NFT project is a challenge to the traditional mechanics of blockchain art projects.
The technically complex solution of the two-part NFT required not only flawless technical execution, but a decent visual image that would emphasize and distinguish the project from thousands of others.

We participated in all the creative processes that accompanied this ambitious project, from sketches, concept art and pitching presentations, to the logo and development of the project's website. The result is a stunningly beautiful, complex, and memorable case.

Unique modular NFT design
The main feature of the project is the unique mechanics of the composite NFT. The initial galleries of robots and cats are only the first step on the way to the final NFT art.
The user can buy the cats and robots separately, he can also sell them separately from each other, but only by combining them together in the constructor you can get the final NFT roll, which is called AILOSET.
Brand identity
We also created the logo and graphic design of all the elements of the project. From presentations to SMM materials and graphics for the extensive Discord community. Countless renders and an elaborate graphic style allowed us to deliver the necessary graphics in large volumes. And the stylish logo became the basis for the merch design.
Throughout the project, we developed scripts and provided art direction for the project's cinematic trailers and ads.
Landing page
An important part of the project was the website - it was there that we could produce the NFT minet, as well as put together and disassemble the finished sets. We created a brightly colored landing page, where we talked about all the features of the project, its tricks and unique mechanics.
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