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Euroled rebranding and online store design system
Euroled rebranding and online store design system
Project Summary

Euroled is one of the first companies that started trading energy efficient lighting solutions on the Latvian market. For a long time, the Euroled team focused on sales and project work, until the need for rebranding became inevitably obvious.

As part of a whole system of brands, Euroled needed a simple, easily scalable rebranding as well as a new design for the online store. A design that would address all the needs of both business and customers.

The visual identity includes the basic rules for using a logo, and a few examples that help the company's designers put together quality layouts.
Business card Design
Example / Billboard Руководство по использованию логотипа компании Euroled 2022 Создано в BS Agency / bsagency.design
Euroled E-commerce   |  


Euroled online store design The redesign of the online store is the most important element of brand development. We tried to transfer the best practices of the local and foreign e-commerce market to get the maximum result.
Seamless order placement process We have tried to make the buying process as smooth and continuous as possible. That's why we didn't break the cart into steps, but made everything within one page. Euroled E-commerce   |  

Shopping Cart

This work is still in progress Euroled online store design
Creating a design system is not limited to one store. Euroled is part of a multi-brand company, where each brand sells a specific category of products. The design system is built with the aim of further scaling and rapid application of solutions for each brand in the family.
Upcoming brands inside the design system:
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